Midnight Madness Fun Bicycle Ride Safety Requirements

  • You must have a bib number, helmet, front bike light and taillight to participate in Midnight Madness.
  • This is an alcohol free event!! Operating a bicycle while intoxicated is ILLEGAL and is considered to be Driving Under the Influence!
  • Remember, this is a fun ride, not a race. Riders must obey all traffic laws. Be courteous to other cyclists. Pass on the left. Slower cyclists must stay to the right. Sag Wagon support for disabled bikes and riders will be provided.
  • A rest stop on Shelter Island will offer water and restrooms.
  • Be sure your bicycle is in good working condition. Check tires for air, check brakes, cables, etc.
  • Only registered participants will be allowed in the event staging area and entertainment areas. Event organizers, volunteers, sponsors and affiliates are not responsible for the safety of unregistered persons joining in or interfering with the event. Please do your part to make this a great event for everyone.
  • The San Diego Police will have a heavy presence at the event. Please make sure to follow all traffic and safety laws to avoid getting an expensive citation and being removed from the ride.