Bike Trip FAQs.

What should I bring with me?

Are there showers?

What happens after we finish riding for the day?


What should I bring with me?

HI USA Christmas Bike Trip Packing Guide
o A bicycle in excellent mechanical condition. Road, Mountain, Touring, Recumbent and Tandems have all been ridden in the past.
o Helmets are required and necessary on this ride.
o Seat bag (recommended)
o Spare tubes, patch kit, tire irons, CO2 cartridges
o Bike lock
o Spoke wrench and extra spokes
o Water bottle(s)
o Brake and Derailleur cables
o Chain lubricant, chain breaker, 6” adjustable wrench
o Allen wrenches
o Small Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers
o And all other necessary tools and supplies to keep your bike going for 6 days.
o *HI (SAG vehicles) will provide bicycle pumps!

Clothing & Sundries:

**Please note: You might be riding in VERY COLD temperatures AT TIMES…PLEASE make sure you pack accordingly! o Several changes of cycling and casual clothing.
o Soft suitcase or duffel bag to carry you gear
**Please remember that this tour provides only basic accommodations and all of your gear will be transported by truck each day.  You and your fellow riders will be loading and unloading the truck each day, so please keep your bag to 45 pounds or less.
o Long and short cycling pants, wool tights
o Long and short sleeve biking jersey
o Cycling gloves, cold weather cycling gloves
o Rainwear
o SNELL and/or ANSI approved helmet
o Jeans, casual shirts, socks (extra socks)
o Sweater or sweatshirt
o Warm jacket and windbreaker, stocking cap, arm &/or leg warmers
o Tennis Shoes
o Riding shoes
o Riding shoe covers
o Underwear
o Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo/conditioner, bath towel
o Sun glasses, sunscreen, Carmex or Chap Stick
o Bathing suit
o Cell phone & charger
o Money for lunches, snacks, souvenirs, emergency bike repairs ($5 each for showers in Fallbrook)
o Sleeping bag, small pillow, air mattress or foam pad
o Knife, fork, spoon, plastic tumbler and hot cup (you will use your own utensils for meals)
o Ear plugs (we will provide some while supplies last) **Some people snore.
o Head stocking (beanie), scarf, ear warmers
o Medical information (insurance card)

Extra items:
o Camera
o Ear plugs (2nd notice)
o Warmer clothes
o Spare parts if your bike breaks down or you get a flat (*details above)
o Map of San Diego, Imperial, Riverside and Orange Counties

PLEASE NOTE: There are tendencies for very cold weather on this trip even though it’s Southern California. It is December and we travel through high altitudes. Please make sure you have the appropriate clothing for hot, medium and cold climates.

Are there showers?

We are able to shower in each community we visit. However, we are normally limited to two shower stalls, which are located off site in most locations. There is usually a bit of a wait, however, this is an excellent time to relax and chat with your fellow riders.

Here is how we have showers arranged at each overnight location:

Fallbrook:  at a physical therapy facility in walking distance from where we are staying; $5 fee

Hemet: Vagabond Inn (a van will shuttle riders from where we are staying or you are welcome to ride your bike approx. 2 miles)

Palm Desert: Best Western (van shuttle provided)

Borrego Springs: available on-site

Pine Valley: Pine Valley Inn (adjacent to where we are sleeping)

What happens after we finish riding for the day?

First come snacks! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa and some munchies. Get those shoes and socks off and lay out your bedroll. Most people take a bit to check phone messages, chat with other riders and bask in the glory of another great day on a bike. After that, shower up and get ready for dinner. After dinner, we may do something as a group (perhaps a tire-changing competition), watch a movie (anyone like Breaking Away?) or play a card game. If you want to read a book on your sleeping bag or find a local watering hole, that’s ok too!